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What never happened, ever.


literally turned up at the door while rory was singing robbie Williams angels and I was playing it off my phone

hop skipped jumped from drunk texts and drunk calling right to drunk turning up at your flat with a drunk mate.

we talked about lots of personal things today and then we went back to his flat to watch a film and we snuggled he used my boobs as a pillow

4am is my new bedtime

as a 28yr old I’d hope u’d kiss better

legoooo bus stop

hey I’m a digital artist princess now

I wana go to peckham

sleepy and getting hooked on

there’s a reason you wait a few days

wind down

date reaction face (I’m a lil drunk too)

he was like your good looking and you don’t even know it. I raised my eyebrows. and he was like you do know it????? and then I was like I fucking look like this of course I know it and I know now and have enough self confidence that I don’t get wth fat and unappreciative and dick boys anymore ;-))))))

I just had a really good tinder date. how do I get all the luck? he’s way better looking than in his photos.

on Thursday Rory asked about my love life
and I feel like I have all my fingers in different pots
that’s dating right
please don’t say that means I’m a bitch not being exclusive to anyone
emotional mindset won’t allow and I refuse to become someone’s girlfriend for a very long time.

I shitty embroidered these super positive socks on the way to get the new car today.

literally lived off sandwiches and beer and crisps for the last week