• What never happened, ever.
    a photo a day keeps the doctor away.

    CRAP Diem

  • were little bleach blonde twinny babes

  • days of drinking and not much sleeping and endless shows and kissed lips
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  • Edinburgh sunrises
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  • seriously don’t fall for me if I specifically tell you about all the other guys I’m seeing in my life on our first date

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  • also now I’m no longer in the facility of Edinburgh I’m not bothered by glitter boy’s other girls. it was a time sensitive and location based uncomfortableness

  • I don’t know what it is but I make guys fall for me like crazy when it’s the last thing I seek

    I just want you to be into me in a casual non love way

  • things of the day:
    I’ve broken my London boy,
    he told me he loves me today
    after we argued because he wouldn’t stop pigeon holing me with I’m going to miss this/that when your at uni
    I felt literally like I did like last year when I was leaving for uni and it made me so fucking mad
    I’ve done that shit. I did my way and it lasted for a week and led to more than a term of unhappiness and arguing and it’s so easy to see that shit recreating itself. except I won’t give him the fucking chance. and we aren’t even going out or whatever now and for the fucking reasons.
    Edinburgh bothered him enough
    (which is understandable enough, but I told him what my situation was since our first date.)
    I should have backed the fuck off after he texted me the same night of the date. IN FUTURE THOSE BE WARNING SIGNS
    I break boys

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  • despite all
    he came to say goodbye at the station today.
    he was going to bring me a deep fried mars bar but couldn’t find a chippy doing them
    but instead he gave me a postcard
    and then produced 2 gem covered bow hairties, and we proceeded to get married opposite the Edinburgh dungeons

    the postcard had a poem written on it; while we were drunk he had told me 3 months in he wasn’t sure where we/us was going and was going to write me a poem. I demanded he write me a poem before I took him on holiday.

  • I just matched with my primary school crush on tinder. my life is made

  • why am I still awake I’m so tired I feel sick I’ve been running off 2 hours sleep Since 9am